The Runaway Indie Tap Trailer is a BYO Mobile Bar serving the greater Orange County area. With three taps along the side, an array of decor, and your choice of beverages including beer, wine, coffee, and gourmet soda, our portable bar is sure to be the focal point of your event. Our little pride and joy on wheels provides a unique, social, and interactive aspect to your event. Our mobile bar measures 4x7, is lightweight, can easily pull up to any event, and is oh so cute.

In addition to the bar, we rent out decor equipment to complete the look for your event and help execute your vision.   Whether it is marquee lights, florals, rugs, balloons, or signs, we will work with you to customize the trailer and make sure the Runaway Indie Tap Trailer is the main event of your big day!   

We look forward to working together!


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