The Runaway Waffle Cart is

a full service WAFFLE POP CART serving fresh waffles all over southern California. Our cart serves custom waffle pops, served on a stick, topped with the goodies of your choosing, and styled so cute you almost feel bad eating them!

Our Waffle Cart is sure to be the focal point of your next event.

In addition to the waffles, we can create balloon displays and garlands on the cart to fit your event aesthetic.  

Our pricing is listed below and can be booked by the hour, by selecting one of our packages, or requesting a custom package.

Hourly Rate:

$175 hr

(3 hour minimum)

Package Options: 

Runaway Waffle package : $520

(3 hours of service)

     Includes: 1 waffle artist, choice of 1 waffle flavor, choice of 4 toppings, and custom waffle menu. 


Waffle POP package: $690

(4 hours of service)

     Includes: 1 waffle artist, choice of 2 waffle flavors, choice of 7 toppings, and custom waffle menu


Runaway package: $865

(5 hours of service)

Includes: 1 waffle artist, choice of 2 waffle flavors, choice of 7 toppings, and custom waffle menu and a 6ft balloon garland of your color choice.  


Add on items:

Add additional waffle flavor  - $50

Add additional toppings - $25 a topping 

Balloon garland

 small size  (5 ft)  $70, medium size (7ft)  $100, large (full length of trike) $150  (made in the color of your choice).


Add additional hour to service - $150

Fee for travel  :  

$50-$200 depending on milage and distance 



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q + A:


Q: Do you provide all the waffle toppings and decor?

A: Yes! You get to select 5 different toppings for your waffles.

Q: Can you decorate the waffle cart with balloons?

A: YES! We can add various balloon garland colors and options up to 12 feet long. 

Q: What types of waffles can be served from the cart?

A: We have classic waffles, vanilla waffles, and pumpkin spice waffles. Our toppings list for adding to the waffle is long and we submit that to you upon booking.

Q: Does you waffles cart provide fresh and warm waffles?

A: YES! All our waffles are made on the spot and topped and served fresh..

For any additional questions please submit a rental request below! 


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