New Year & New Decor.

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Start the New Year right with these fun decor ideas!

Have you finalized your New Years resolutions for 2019? I thought so... I haven't either! I don't quite understand the hype behind the New Years Eve commotion, but I do love the idea of a new year and bottomless champagne.

With that said getting my house ready for 2019 has been priority number 1... well maybe 2, lets be real I'm still in Christmas shopping mode. Nevertheless creating the perfect space is important as the new year draws close. Here are my fav decor tips for starting 2019 off right:

1. Create a Space Just for You:

It will come as no surprise that my special spot in our bungalow would be filled with plants and vintage decor.

It's not always easy to find time for yourself, especially in the middle of the work week. Do yourself a favor and find a spot in your home, yard, or in my case your tub, and make it your 2019 happy place!

Now it's time to tap into your inner Joanna Gaines, decorate this spot with the items that make you happy. It can be photos, relaxing furniture, or a shelf of vintage books for you to tackle in the New Year.

My bungalow bathtub is my go-to when I need 30 minutes of peace, quite, and uninterrupted time to scan the latest Vogue. It takes me all of two minutes to grab a few plants from around the house, gather some candles, and a very large glass of wine.

Pampering yourself doesn't always have to be expensive or time consuming, it just requires you to give yourself time to do what you enjoy!

2. Bring the Outdoors Indoors:

I'm still surprised when girlfriends of mine tell me they have no plants in their home. For the record I've lost count of how many are in my house, and my husband created a new rule - I'm only allowed to bring home 1 new plant a week.

I strongly recommend you add some greenery to your space. It doesn't have to be a large fiddle fig or palm (unless you wanna go big, if so more power to you) but getting a small plant is always a good start. Go to your local nursery or Home Depot and grab a cactus, succulent, or leafy indoor plant. Get in the habit of watering it, set up a schedule, and know how much sunlight your new greenery will need. Don't know anything about plants? Reading the plant label/tag can be super helpful, there are typically instructions & care tips on how to keep your plant happy, healthy, and more importantly - alive! Also most nursery stores like Home Depot will accept your plant for an exchange if it does die... so save your receipt.

Do yourself a favor, if you aren't a plant lady start with a cactus - or two, they are so easy to keep alive and they fit in almost every space!