Cart Packages:

starting at $199 - $599 for 4+ hours

Event duration and packages can be customized to your needs. Submit a rental request for more info.

Bar Cart & Bartender 

Serving your choice of:

                             Beer / Wine




Cotton Candy Cart

Serving guests their choice of cotton flavors:

                             Pink Vanilla 


                             Custom flavors

We provide a cotton cart bartender during the event to create cotton candy treats for all guests.​


Additional cart styling services include:

                             Cart Signage 

                             Neon Sign 

                             Balloon garland 


                             Furniture Rentals 

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Q + A


Q: Can you assist with styling and decorating the carts?

A: Yes! We have different decorative pieces that we can include at your event including balloon garlands, florals, furniture and lounge area rentals.

Q: How big is the Runaway Indie cart?

A: The cart is 60'in long x 30'in wide.  It can easily fit into all outdoor spaces and indoor spaces as well as long as there is a ramp and double doors.

Q: What types of drinks can be served from the cart?

A: We can do beer, wine, sangria, cider, cold brew, juices, teas, and sodas, whatever you can dream up. You are responsible for purchasing and providing any alcohol per California law.

Q: Who provides the alcohol?

A: We are a BYOB mobile bar/cart service, so you are responsible for providing the alcohol, AGAIN per state laws.  This will also help you save money!  We have a list of preferred vendors you can use and can assist with delivery as well.

Q: Do you provide bartenders?

A: Yes, we provided certified bartenders.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes, we are insured.

Q: What areas does Trailer and Tap Serve?

A:  We serve the Greater Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles area.

For any additional question, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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