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The Runaway Tap is a BYO mobile bar featuring three gold tap towers serving your choice of beverage, including beer, champagne, wine, or a homemade cocktail.

Our portable bar will no doubt be the focal point of your event. This bar on wheels provides a unique, social, and interactive aspect to your event. You also save money by purchasing or making your own cocktails. We're here to help with trailer setup, filling/tapping the kegs, bartending,

beverage calculations and styling the trailer. Our mobile bar measures 5ft x 7ft, is lightweight, easily pulls up to any event, and is oh so cute. 

In addition to the bar, we rent out decor equipment to complete the look for your event and help execute your vision.   Whether it is our neon lights, florals, rugs, balloons, or furniture, we will work with you to customize the trailer and make sure the Runaway Indie bar  is ready for your next soiree.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: Can you assist with styling and decor?

A: Yes! We have different decorative pieces that we can include at your event including balloon garlands, florals, furniture and lounge area.

Q: How big is the mobile bar?

A: The mobile bar is 4 1/2 feet wide by 7 feet long.  It can easily fit into all outdoor spaces and indoor spaces as well as long as there is a ramp and double doors.

Q: What types of drink can be served from the bar?

A: We work with a variety of distributors and can get kegs of beer, wine, sangria, and ciders. You are responsible for purchasing and providing any alcohol per California law.

Q: Who provides the alcohol?

A: We are a BYOB mobile bar service, so you are responsible for providing the alcohol, AGAIN per state laws.  This will also help you save money!  We have a list of preferred vendors you can use and can assist with delivery as well.

Q: Do you provide bartenders?

A: Yes, we provided certified bartenders.

Q: What areas does the bar trailer serve?

A:  We serve the Greater Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles area.

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